Special offer for a limited time only! Apply now and get 10% off the Higher Diploma in Clinical and Integrative Medicine. Apply Now
Special offer for a limited time only! Apply now and get 10% off the Higher Diploma in Clinical and Integrative Medicine. Apply Now
Special offer for a limited time only! Apply now and get 10% off the Higher Diploma in Clinical and Integrative Medicine. Apply Now
Special offer for a limited time only! Apply now and get 10% off the Higher Diploma in Clinical and Integrative Medicine. Apply Now

Special offer for a limited time only! Apply now and get 10% off the Higher Diploma in Clinical and Integrative Medicine. Apply Now

Special offer for a limited time only! Apply now and get 10% off the Higher Diploma in Clinical and Integrative Medicine. Apply Now

Special offer for a limited time only! Apply now and get 10% off the Higher Diploma in Clinical and Integrative Medicine. Apply Now

Higher Diploma in Clinical Integrative Medicine

Let ICTIM help you integrate tradition and modern medicine
into your patient care.

Dr. Lisa Crowley
Medical Research Scientist

I would highly recommend this course for anyone with an interest in a holistic approach to medicine. The course is well structured with a focus on practical applications. As a medical research scientist by trade, I chose this course in particular owing to two factors : 1: the material is often backed by research verified information and 2: the lecturers are practitioners with real life experience.
The course itself is provided in a flexible online learning approach which works perfectly for me. I have a young family and a full time job and I find that the lecturers have been very approachable and flexible all the way through the course.
I really enjoy this course and I really feel like I will be well prepared to take up a career in this field.


European Union

Study Mode



2-3 years

Total Credits


Start Date

September or on discussion

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What is a Higher Diploma in Clinical Integrative Medicine?

It is an online eLearning programme which enables you to integrate the knowledge of traditional medical paradigms with modern scientific medicine, thus allowing you to offer more holistic and comprehensive care to your patients. This particular programme in Natural Medicine has been developed by ICTIM and is accredited by the Irish Institute of Medical Herbalists (IIMH). It will enable you to study with professionals who are at the forefront of integrative medicine - the medicine of the future.

Designed to be flexible

With online learning materials at your disposal, you can study at your own pace as you progress through each module.

Learn from the Experts

Learn from the best minds, talents, and mentors in the industry.

Post Graduate third-level standards

Preliminary courses are available, if required, before starting the post graduate diploma.

High-Value Learning

In-depth training and ongoing online feedback and support.

Course Overview

This Advanced Diploma in Traditional and Integrative medicine is constructed so that ICTIM graduates may draw on both tradition and modern biomedicine. Teaching is therefore primarily focused on the use of plants as therapy, drawing knowledge from modern research and tradition.  Knowledge derived from traditional manuscripts, including those from Ireland, documenting the importance of constitution, diet, ritual, spirituality, and lifestyle is an integral part of the curriculum. Applicants may be eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning[RPL].

For successful participation in the clinical training (CT) programme a pass mark of 75% in each assignment is required to ensure you fully benefit from, and understand the material discussed. To gain a thorough understanding of each subject you need to study between 6 -30 hours per week.

The diploma comprises 3 different modules:

  • Preparatory Module
  • Clinical Training
  • Clinical Practice

Career Opportunities

This course will prepare you to confidently start practising Clinical Integrative Medicine in your practice and in your community. You will find employment opportunities in a range of healthcare settings which require Natural Medicine expertise alongside biomedical knowledge. Integrate the knowledge you learn into your patient care, or jointly with others within a medical practice or health-care setting. Alternatively, use your knowledge to develop cutting-edge Clinical Integrative Medicine products, or take a role informing individuals of the benefits of integrative medicine.

Career Paths
  • Integrative Medical Practitioner
  • Integrative Healthcare Practitioner
  • Medical Herbalist

Course Structure

Even though this diploma is structured around biomedicine and western herbal medicine, it also draws from other traditions where appropriate. Students will benefit by having a wide range of modules and electives as well as continuous support, including tutorials, assessments, and feedback.


Biomedicine forms an integral part of the programme due to its evidence base paradigm.

Irish Traditional Medicine

Irish indigenous medicine has a rich oral and written tradition that stretches from myth and legend to the present day.


Aspects of Ayurvedic medicine, in diagnosis and therapeutics, are included due to its rich history and unbroken tradition.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine offers insight into effective and unbroken therapeutic traditions.

Course Curriculum

Even though this diploma is structured around biomedicine and western herbal medicine, it also draws from other cultures where appropriate.


Your training commences with an in-depth exploration of the effect of culture on our perception of medicine and will briefly cover the main medical systems in the world such as Chinese, Ayurveda and Unani. Indigenous medicine will be also be examined, especially in relation to Ireland. This is highly significant in clinical practice as our worldview determines the functional choices we make regarding our health and the therapies we seek to alleviate any health issues.

Self-study, online material, and instructor-led webinars are the pedagogical methods for this preparatory module.


As this is a graduate programme, at an advanced level, teaching is based on case studies that are focused on understanding the reasons why a particular approach is undertaken in the evaluation of a patient's presenting condition. It concentrates on ensuring that you understand the many facets of herbal therapeutics and the rationale underlying them. Material relating to biology, plant science, disease processes, pathophysiology, materia medica, therapeutics, nutrition, biochemistry, pharmacy, and pharmacognosy will be incorporated into each case study where it is relevant.

As a student, you will be expected to demonstrate that you can use your knowledge, not just learn from facts. Knowledge may be assessed through MCQs but knowing how to use the knowledge is more accurately assessed through oral assessments and essay assignments. Tutorials will not be in lecture format but will, instead, involve a case study and the relevant case history. This is precisely the situation you will meet when you qualify, so this method, though difficult to begin with, will help build your confidence, expertise, knowledge, and professionalism.

Each module comprises a webinar, self-study, online tutorial, and assignment. Each section takes approximately eight weeks but may be adjusted depending on holidays and other circumstances.

CORE SUBJECTS (21 Credits)
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Integumentary
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Respiratory
  • Cardiovascular
  • Genito and urinary
  • Gynecological
  • Endocrine
  • Immune
  • Nervous
  • Geriatric
  • Paediatric
  • Psychiatric
  • Oncology

Each student is required to develop both personally and professionally throughout their clinical training. It is this development that forms the cornerstone of a successful and financially rewarding career. This maturity does not come automatically but requires self-evaluation, reflection, discussion, advice, and encouragement. A reflective journal wherein students reflect on their progress as practitioners and their experience in training is required throughout the programme. A personal mentor is assigned to each student to help them understand this process of reflection and evaluation. This will entail formal contact, assignments, and discussion in relation to the role and professional career of a traditional and integrative practitioner using plant medicine as their primary therapeutic choice. You will also be required to develop and maintain your own ePortfolio where your insights, reflections, grades, and anything else you consider pertinent and relevant to your ongoing knowledge and professionalism will be collated. This ePortfolio will be assessed as part of your final exams.

CLINICAL SKILLS: GMP from Field to Bottle (5 Credits)

There will be compulsory clinical skills, GMP(Good Manufacturing Practices), and dispensary seminars held as part of your training.

RESEARCH (10 Credits)

It is absolutely necessary for graduates of this programme to be able to discuss developments in health care with their colleagues in conventional medicine. It is also vital to understand the paradigm within which modern biochemical medicine works. It is also a fundamental requirement to be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of plant-based medicine. Each of these aspects of practice requires an understanding of research. Therefore, before you are permitted to graduate, you will be required to undertake a body of research that is of publication standard (peer-reviewed).


As herbalists come from very many different traditions, ICTIM considers it important that you have the freedom to undertake your placement in a clinic of your choice. Typically, 10 euros per hour is paid directly to the practice where you are undertaking your placement. You will be given a list of requirements before you start, clarifying what competencies you will need to have acquired during your placement to ensure a successful outcome in your Clinical Viva.
Workshops on clinical examination skills are organized on a regular basis by ICTIM and count towards clinical placement hours.


Your final viva examination will take place before a panel of health professionals. It will also include an OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) as well as any other examinations the examining board deem necessary.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program students will be able to:

  • Understand modern medical treatment, as well as becoming an expert in traditional herbal medicine.
  • Apply to join the Irish Institute of Medical Herbalists.
  • Continue to explore the rich knowledge contained in folk/ vernacular, traditional and indigenous medicine.
  • Understand the WHO definition of traditional medicine, the characteristics of indigenous knowledge, and the presence of these characteristics in Irish folklore and medicine.

Why Learn with ICTIM

The Irish College of Traditional and Integrative Medicine brings a fresh approach to higher education. We focus on giving you the skills and the knowledge to ensure long-term success in your career. Our academics are highly qualified and will support you in every step of your study.

Love the way you learn

Our fresh approach to teaching allows students to explore their passion.


Learn from experts on the forefront of traditional and herbal medicine.

A More Collaborative Experience

Become a part of a like-minded community that focuses on the same values.

ICTIM offers a thorough, robust 3-pronged approach to Herbal studies - encompassing science, including an in-depth grounding in the biological systems - and delves deeply into herbs themselves and herbal learning. But the course also considers Irish folklore and Irish traditional indigenous herbal medicine. Anyone wishing to develop a greater knowledge of herbal medicine or interested in practicing should consider this course.
Rosari and Anna-Maria's monthly webinars are inspiring, I am in awe of their love for all things herbal, their knowledge and empathy to students.


Admission Criteria

Before you begin your course application, check that you meet all the requirements listed below:

  • A certain amount of basic scientific knowledge is required before starting the clinical training programme, including cellular or human biology, biochemistry, plant chemistry, and plant science.
  • At least level 7 and preferably level 8 in the above subjects (under-graduate and graduate in USA).
  • An interest in the many facets of herbal therapeutics and their rationale.

How To Apply

Just 4 simple steps before you begin this program that will change your life!

Application Form
Application Review
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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t meet the entry criteria for Higher Diploma in Clinical Integrative Medicine?

You can take the 2-year pre-clinical program to gain the foundations needed for the Higher Diploma in Clinical Integrative medicine.

When I take your course, how can I do clinical training?

Clinical training can be done at the clinic of your choice. You will be given a list of requirements underlining all the skills you need to acquire during your clinical placement.

What are my career options when I complete the Clinical Integrative Medicine diploma?

The Higher Diploma in Clinical Integrative Medicine qualifies you to seek many opportunities, including a career as an Integrative Medical Practitioner, Integrative Healthcare Practitioner, or a Medical Herbalist.

What happens if I need to drop the course for some time after starting it?

If for any reason you are unable to resume the course, you can still access the online content and continue with the program when you are ready and in agreement with the college.

Will relevant courses taken previously be taken into account?

Yes! Recognition of prior learning [RPL] is accepted on receipt of an application for same and the course criteria are fulfilled.

How much does the diploma cost?

The cost of enrollment in the Higher Diploma in Clinical Integrative Medicine is €7500 with 50% payable at the commencement of study and 50% 12 months later. A monthly, or quarterly, direct debit arrangement is put in place for students if they prefer to pay this way. There is a surcharge of 10% for this method of payment due to bank fees and other administrative costs. If you wish to pay this way, please contact us so that a payment schedule may be set up. The amount covers all workshops, seminars, and access to online material.
Note: the amount does not cover accommodation or transportation to and from workshops.