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We work with you to build a comprehensive CPD programme that helps you advance in your career through attending innovative programmes and building a strong ePortfolio.

Dr. Sean E. McCaffrey D.C., I.H.S, L.D.H.S.
Internal Health Specialist

Not only did I enjoy the course and the challenges it posed, but the course gave me insight and knowledge into herbology that I can apply in my Chiropractic practice.  It was very easy getting signed up and getting all the information needed.  I appreciate the opportunity to grow with such a great organization.


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What is Continuing Professional Development?

As a busy health care professional, it is important that the skills, knowledge, and experience that you gain as you work, is recorded, reviewed, and reflected upon to help you set development goals and objectives. ICTIM has developed a series of continuing professional development (CPD) webinars on a of topics critical to overall health. These include nutrition, medicinal uses of specific herbs, and integration of traditional medicine into modern practice.

Designed to be flexible

With online learning materials at your disposal, you can make your own schedule.

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Learn from the best minds, talents, and mentors in the industry.

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Document your journey of academic progress and professional knowledge in an ePortfolio of your ICTIM  programmes.

Certified Training

Set learning goals, pass online exams, and get certified from ICTIM to mark your professional development.

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ICTIM programmes are designed to constantly update your skills and knowledge on the latest in the field.

Course Overview

ICTIM has developed a series of continuing professional development seminars on an exciting range of topics covering nutrition, herbs, and traditional medicine. With four primary categories, including culture and health, general therapeutics, specific pathologies, and traditional medical systems, you can always find the area that interests you.
These talks, which are available for one year after purchase, contain both audio and written content in each PowerPoint slide. During your own unique schedule, you can enjoy them within their completion time and get your certificate that is valid for two years.
This series of talks is appropriate for people working in health care situations involving advice, care and treatment of patients.

Career Opportunities

The CPD courses offered by ICTIM will prepare you to confidently integrate aspects of Clinical Integrative Medicine into your community.

  • This may be within a healthcare setting where Integrative Medicine provides tangible benefits such as new ways of treating patients with chronic illness.
  • Learning about integrative medicine will also widen your repertoire of treatment in the management of mental health issues.
  • These courses will also benefit the scientist, manufacturer and horticulturist as the depth of knowledge acquired will give new insights and awareness.
ICTIM CPD courses are of benefit to
  • Integrative medical and health care practitioners
  • Medical Herbalists
  • Research scientists
  • Horticulturists/Botanists
  • Anthropologists/Ethnologist

Course Structure

Where possible these courses will be registered with the appropriate professional association for CPD points. Please check out the courses for details.


We tend to think that culture does not matter when it comes to medicine but it is now recognised as being one of the major obstacles to patients not understanding  their illness, and therapeutic compliance.


Learn treatment options that are available using a variety of herbs and natural products from a modern scientific perspective,  but supported by traditional use.


Explore the use of natural products and traditional approaches that can improve vitality and health outcomes for people living with, for example cystic fibrosis or other specific pathologies


Explores traditional medical paradigms throughout the world. Techniques used in clinical practice, e.g. cupping and moxibustion, and their theoretical underpinnings are also considered.

Learning Outcomes

To explore the learning outcomes of each course, please visit the individual course page.

Why Learn with ICTIM

The Irish College of Traditional and Integrative Medicine brings a fresh approach to higher education. We focus on giving you the skills and the knowledge to ensure long-term success in your career. Our academics are highly qualified and will support you in every step of your study.

Love the way you learn

Our fresh approach to teaching allows students to explore their passion.


Learn from experts on the forefront of traditional and herbal medicine.

A More Collaborative Experience

Become a part of a like-minded community that focuses on the same values.

"My first contact with herbal medicine was through the ICTIM. They taught me important things about herbal science, but they also taught me to see the herbs as a living being, that interacts with people and all the environment. Understanding that herbs are part of the universe and thus we are somehow connected with them, and with everything else, has changed my way of thinking the therapeutic process entirely. Although I continued my studies more specifically on Chinese herbal medicine, the things I learned from Mrs. Rosari and the other teachers from ICTIM are always a part of my medical thinking process, because it changed the way I understand medicine and the treatment process, and for that I am really grateful."

Dr. Ciro B Rhodes

How To Apply

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to take all the courses to be certified?

No, you can choose which course to take in the CPD programme, and certificates are issued accordingly.

How long is the certification valid for?

Your certification is valid for 1 year after completion of your course.

How long does each course take to complete?

The courses vary in length and are usually between 10 mins to 3 hours.

Will I have lifelong access to these courses?

Once enrolled in the programme, you will have access to the course materials for a year.

Will relevant courses taken previously be taken into account?

Yes! Recognition of prior learning [RPL] is built into the Higher Diploma in Clinical Integrative Medicine, given that they fulfill the course criteria. Certification is awarded on completion of CPD modules. RPL does not apply as they are, generally, short modules taken at your own pace and online.

How much do the CPD courses cost?

Every course within the CPD programme is individually priced. Check the individual course pages for more information.