Irish College of Traditional and Integrative Medicine

The Irish College of Traditional and Integrative Medicine (ICTIM) is an online educational institution providing professional training in the use of herbs, natural medicine, and other traditional therapies.

ICTIM looks to the science and art of medicine in their training and CPD programmes, allowing health care professionals to increase, and widen, their treatment options for patients.

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Our mission

Our mission is to provide and support professional clinical training, that is tailored to ensure you become a competent clinician of integrative medicine.

Our focus is on the ethical use of herbal and natural medicines within an integrative approach that includes modern research and traditional practice.
What is integrative medicine?

It is a person-centered, team-based approach to health care, where the focus is on the most appropriate therapeutic and lifestyle intervention. Consequently, it includes all health care professionals and disciplines so as to achieve optimal health and healing for the patient.

Who can benefit from
our programmes

Many health care professionals, as well as those working in the natural product industry, often find a gap in their knowledge about herbal and natural product science. The ICTIM delivers high quality courses to fill this gap.


Your patient benefits because an integrative approach to medicine takes an holistic approach to patient care. While it is informed by evidence, it allows different and appropriate therapeutic approaches to be undertaken to achieve optimal health and healing.

You benefit

Many long-term chronic illnesses need a new perspective if the quality of life of your patient is to be improved. ICTIM programmes enlarge and expand your knowledge base, enabling you to develop these innovative and integrative approaches in your patient care.


“Study the past if you would define the future.”
― Confucius

Higher Diploma in Clinical Integrative Medicine

Two year postgraduate professional qualification accredited by the Irish Institute of Medical Herbalists.

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Continuing Professional Development

ICTIM has developed a series of continuing professional development seminars in response to demand from industry, physicians, and traditional practitioners.

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What makes our courses stand out?

  • Keeping you up to date with all the latest patient centered information. With more and more information available, it is increasingly difficult to keep up to date on all the latest research. We do the hard work for you.

  • Broadening your treatment options for patients. ICTIM offers practical and well structured online courses and workshops that can be applied directly to your practice.

  • Learning anytime, anywhere. Life is getting more and more crowded, learning at your pace and location offers great flexibility.


Even though online learning suits our modern lifestyle, ICTIM has learned from experience that students and practitioners also like the interaction and discussions that are generated during ICTIM's one and two day workshops.
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Business & Compliance

A clinical practice is not only immersed in patient care but is also involved in many decisions regarding privacy, ethics and legal compliance. This is especially true for herbalists who have the added responsibility of herbal medicinal products in their dispensary. There is no official book of rules that enables a health care professional to set up a quality management system for their clinic and, more significantly, it is not desirable that patient care should be subordinated to business management. The workshops, in business and compliance, organised by the ICTIM allow you to become aware of the different policies and procedures that need to be put in place to ensure positive patient outcomes and compliance with professional standards of care.

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Clinical Expertise

Workshops in clinical skills are offered to students of the Higher Diploma in Clinical Integrative Medicine and other healthcare professionals. These workshops are held over two days and cover five clinical examinations: the musculoskeletal, respiratory, cardiovascular,nervous and gastrointestinal systems. These clinical skills are vital for detailed differential diagnosis as well as identifying anomalies between the case history and symptoms.
The ICTIM also offers workshops in clinical techniques from other medical systems and the theory and practice of these therapies are taught within the framework of biomedicine so that they be seamlessly incorporated as an adjunct therapy in patient care

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Horticultural & Manufacturing

Natural products and herbs must be produced to appropriate quality and safety requirements. Because there are so many different kinds of medicinal herbs, there is no “one way” to do it. There are some general steps that must be taken to grow all herbs. As a grower, you must produce herbs that meet the rising standard in the industry for safe, high-quality medicinal herbs by following good agricultural practices(GAPs) and good manufacturing practices (GMPs) and by having your herbs tested for heavy metals, pesticides, and bioactive constituents.
These workshops give you hands-on learning on the regulatory requirements affecting the growing and harvesting of herbs andother natural products.

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“Not only did I enjoy the course and the challenges it posed, but the course gave me insight and knowledge into herbology that I can apply in my Chiropractic practice.  It was very easy getting signed up and getting all the information needed.  I appreciate the opportunity to grow with such a great organization.”

Dr. Sean E. McCaffrey D.C., I.H.S, L.D.H.S.
Internal Health Specialist
CEO at Black Dunes Design

"My first contact with herbal medicine was through the ICTIM. They taught me important things about herbal science, but they also taught me to see the herbs as a living being, that interacts with people and all the environment. Understanding that herbs are part of the universe and thus we are somehow connected with them, and with everything else, has changed my way of thinking the therapeutic proccess entirely. Although I continued my studies more specifically on Chinese herbal medicine, the things I learned from Mrs Rosari and the other teachers from ICTIM are always a part of my medical thinking process, because it changed the way I understand medicine and the treatment process, and for that I am really grateful."

Dr. Ciro B Rhodes, Brazil
CEO at Black Dunes Design

“The course on Irish Medicine with Rosari Kingston was wonderful. I gained a solid understanding of the role that the Irish indigenous worldview plays in Irish herbalism and traditional healing. It is inspiring to know that the wisdom of the ages is still being studied, appreciated, and passed on, and that it is still useful in a clinical setting. I appreciated getting to know some of the techniques and concepts of Irish traditional medicine so that I might use them in my own work as a clinical herbalist."

Mica McDonald, Clinical Herbalist
CEO at Black Dunes Design

“I would highly recommend this course for anyone with an interest in a holistic approach to medicine. The course is well structured with a focus on practical applications. As a medical research scientist by trade, I chose this course in particular owing to two factors : 1: the material is often backed by research verified information and 2: the lecturers are practitioners with real life experience.
The course itself is provided in a flexible online learning approach which works perfectly for me. I have a young family and a full time job and I find that the lecturers have been very approachable and flexible all the way through the course.
I really enjoy this course and I really feel like I will be well prepared to take up a career in this field."

Dr. L. Crowley, Medical Research Scientist
CEO at Black Dunes Design

Our Team

Traditional and integrative medicine requires lecturers who are familiar with its practice and committed to advanced clinical training. We, at ICTIM, are honoured and appreciative of the anthropologists, doctors, practitioners, and scientists who, through their collaboration, help us develop our programmes.

Anna-Maria Keaveney

B.Sc (Herbal medicine), MSc (primary health care), M.IIMH.

Anna-Maria Keaveney qualified as a Medical Herbalist from Middlesex University (UK) in 2000 following a four year honours degree programme. She continues practicing as a Medical Herbalist and currently works from Sean Boylan's clinic in Dunboyne, Co. Meath. She also lecturers in a third level educational institute.

Dr. Rosari Kingston

PhD. M.Sc (Herbal medicine), M.IIMH.

Rosari Kingston is a medical herbalist practising in an integrative practice in Clonakilty, Co. Cork. 
She also teaches, as an adjunct lecturer, on the Irish Healing Tradition, in the Dept of Ethnography, University College, Cork and her main research area  is how our culture impacts our health both negatively and positively.

Dr. Ciro Rhodes


Dr. Ciro Blujus dos Santos Rohde, MD, is a specialist in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Center of Integrative Therapies and Well-Being at the Hospital, BP Mirante, São Paulo, Brazil, and is the Medical Preceptor at the Center of Acupuncture in the Hospital Clinics of the University of São Paulo - Brazil.

Mica McDonald

Clinical Herbalist

Mica McDonald is a clinical herbalist practicing in Vermont, USA. He was educated  at Vermont Center of Integrative Herbalism and has a degree in ecology from the University of Vermont. He has a special interest in, and experience with, respiratory diseases,  especially cystic fibrosis. He confers with patients locally, nationally, and internationally via video chat.

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