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The Yin & Yang Theory

The principle of Yin and Yang is a fundamental concept in Chinese philosophy as well as being a primary guideline of traditional Chinese medicine. Good health is believed to come from a balance of Yin (receptive, dark, and feminine) and Yang (active, bright, and masculine)

Course Description

This class continues the introduction to the basic theories and philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and  the Yin  and Yang theory is a fundamental concept  therein. Written records of this theory exist for over a thousand years BCE and they have been refined and developed in the intervening centuries. This lecture explores the role of the Yin and Yang theory, its application within Traditional Chinese Medicine and how it is a useful concept in clinical practice today.
The traditional circular symbol for ying and yang with one half black and the other white, a symbol of Chinese Philosophy and the thinking behind Chinese Traditional medicine

The Yin & Yang theory

Cost of Full Course: €30

Cost Code: CR/2

Course Duration: 30 min

Course Access: One Year

Prerequisites: None

Certification Duration: Two Years

Course Suitability:    Health care professionals and anyone interested inlearning about Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Course Information

Cost of Full Course: €60

Cost Code: M/CF1

Course Duration: ??hours

Course Access: One Year

Prerequisites: None

Certification Duration: Two Years

Course Suitability:    All health care professionals and people who have CF. Also, support groups of CF.

Course Description

The yin yang theory is a fundamental concept in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This lesson introduces the Yin-Yang theory and how it describes the world in terms of a duality. The yin-yang model states that the interaction and equilibrium between two opposite forces maintain the balance of the Universe and thus of life. This lecture explores the relationship between yin and yang and how they mutually transform each other.

“Not only did I enjoy the course and the challenges it posed, but the course gave me insight and knowledge into herbology that I can apply in my Chiropractic practice.  It was very easy getting signed up and getting all the information needed.  I appreciate the opportunity to grow with such a great organization.”

Dr. Sean E. McCaffrey D.C., I.H.S, L.D.H.S.
Internal Health Specialist
CEO at Black Dunes Design

"My first contact with herbal medicine was through the ICTIM. They taught me important things about herbal science, but they also taught me to see the herbs as a living being, that interacts with people and all the environment. Understanding that herbs are part of the universe and thus we are somehow connected with them, and with everything else, has changed my way of thinking the therapeutic proccess entirely. Although I continued my studies more specifically on Chinese herbal medicine, the things I learned from Mrs Rosari and the other teachers from ICTIM are always a part of my medical thinking process, because it changed the way I understand medicine and the treatment process, and for that I am really grateful."

Dr. Ciro B Rhodes, Brazil
CEO at Black Dunes Design

“The course on Irish Medicine with Rosari Kingston was wonderful. I gained a solid understanding of the role that the Irish indigenous worldview plays in Irish herbalism and traditional healing. It is inspiring to know that the wisdom of the ages is still being studied, appreciated, and passed on, and that it is still useful in a clinical setting. I appreciated getting to know some of the techniques and concepts of Irish traditional medicine so that I might use them in my own work as a clinical herbalist."

Mica McDonald, Clinical Herbalist
CEO at Black Dunes Design

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