Higher Diploma in Clinical Integrative Medicine

This online eLearning programme in Traditional and Integrative Medicine, has been developed by ICTIM and is accredited by the Irish Institute of Medical Herbalists (IIMH). It will enable you to study with professionals who are at the forefront of integrative medicine - the medicine of the future.

About us

Course Structure

Even though this diploma is structured around bio-medicine and western herbal medicine, it also draws from other traditions where appropriate.

Biomedicine forms an integral part of the programme due its evidence base.

Irish Traditional Medicine

Irish traditional medicine has one of the longest oral and written traditions, being influenced by indigenous and European knowledge.

Chinese medicine

Aspects of chinese medicine, in diagnosis and therapeutics, are included due to its long, and effectively, unbroken tradition.


Aspects of Ayurvedic medicine, in diagnosis and therapeutics, are included due its rich history and unbroken tradition.

“Not only did I enjoy the course and the challenges it posed, but the course gave me insight and knowledge into herbology that I can apply in my Chiropractic practice.  It was very easy getting signed up and getting all the information needed.  I appreciate the opportunity to grow with such a great organization.”

Dr. Sean E. McCaffrey D.C., I.H.S, L.D.H.S.
Internal Health Specialist
CEO at Black Dunes Design

"My first contact with herbal medicine was through the ICTIM. They taught me important things about herbal science, but they also taught me to see the herbs as a living being, that interacts with people and all the environment. Understanding that herbs are part of the universe and thus we are somehow connected with them, and with everything else, has changed my way of thinking the therapeutic proccess entirely. Although I continued my studies more specifically on Chinese herbal medicine, the things I learned from Mrs Rosari and the other teachers from ICTIM are always a part of my medical thinking process, because it changed the way I understand medicine and the treatment process, and for that I am really grateful."

Dr. Ciro B Rhodes, Brazil
CEO at Black Dunes Design

“The course on Irish Medicine with Rosari Kingston was wonderful. I gained a solid understanding of the role that the Irish indigenous worldview plays in Irish herbalism and traditional healing. It is inspiring to know that the wisdom of the ages is still being studied, appreciated, and passed on, and that it is still useful in a clinical setting. I appreciated getting to know some of the techniques and concepts of Irish traditional medicine so that I might use them in my own work as a clinical herbalist."

Mica McDonald, Clinical Herbalist
CEO at Black Dunes Design

“I would highly recommend this course for anyone with an interest in a holistic approach to medicine. The course is well structured with a focus on practical applications. As a medical research scientist by trade, I chose this course in particular owing to two factors : 1: the material is often backed by research verified information and 2: the lecturers are practitioners with real life experience.
The course itself is provided in a flexible online learning approach which works perfectly for me. I have a young family and a full time job and I find that the lecturers have been very approachable and flexible all the way through the course.
I really enjoy this course and I really feel like I will be well prepared to take up a career in this field."

Dr. L. Crowley, Medical Research Scientist
CEO at Black Dunes Design

Professional qualification
accredited by the
Irish Institute of ​Medical Herbalists

Putting the art and science back into medicine
Clinical Training

This programme will give you an understanding of modern medical treatment, as well as expertise in traditional herbal medicine. It is a demanding and rigorous course, covering  both bio-medicine, traditional medicine, and the clinical sciences.

​ICTIM's training in clinical herbal medicine is constructed on a modular basis so that you can build on your strengths, and take time over the areas that you find difficult. Each section contains 30 minutes of material and this would normally require 2 hours of study.  Once you feel you have mastered the material you can then complete the online assessment, which will let you know your strengths and weaknesses. When you feel comfortable with your knowledge you can move on to the next module at your own pace.

Health care professionals have the benefit of a wide range of modules and electives as well as ongoing feedback and support.

How it works?

This is a problem-based online system, where health care professionals can study assignments at their own pace.

Health care professionals have the benefit of a wide range of modules and electives as well as ongoing feedback and support, including  tutorials, assessments, and feed back.
Clinical training is carried out in the clinics of traditional healers,  medical clinics, and herbal medicine clinics.  Other clinics are allocated depending on the needs of the student. Some clinical training may also be arranged in  Africa, Australia, Canada, UK and USA but a designated number of hours have to be done in Ireland.

On successful completion of the programme, the graduate may apply to join the Irish Institute of Medical Herbalists.

If you think you may be interested in this programme or would simply like some additional information, please fill in the application form.

this course is for you

This is a post-graduate programme for health care professionals or general science graduates who come with prior study in the areas of botanical science, human biology, and biochemistry, amongst others. However, many graduates find that they are missing some of the prerequisite subjects, in particular the plant science or chemistry component.

Alternatively, entrants may have studied non-science programmes including arts and humanities, business, etc. and find that they do not have the required standard, or subjects, to enter the clinical training programme. For this reason, ICTIM offers an introductory course to enable health care professionals become familiar with the prerequisite subjects needed on the clinical programme.  

This course is normally completed in one to two years. It includes online content, online seminars, and online feedback and support. On successful completion of the exams you are eligible to request entry to the clinical training programme.

If you are interested in the clinical training programme or the introductory course click on the link to complete the application course.

Course Requirements

A certain amount of basic scientific knowledge is required before starting the clinical training programme, including cellular or human biology, biochemistry, plant chemistry and plant science. These subjects should have been studies to at least level 7 and preferably level 8. This requirement is there to ensure that the graduates will have the required level of skills and expertise on completion of their training. More importantly, we feel that the learning curve may be too great for those who come with insufficient scientific background.

Teaching is focused on understanding why a particular approach is undertaken in the evaluation of a patient's presenting condition.

Teaching also concentrates on ensuring an understanding of the many facets of herbal therapeutics and their rationale.

The hours for the course include lectures/webinars, tutorials, and self directed study.
All modules mirror level 9, postgraduate university standards.

​If you are interested in the course please complete the application form.

Just four simple steps to start

Application form

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Please fill in the required information and press return.


Following a review of the information submitted, an offer
may be made for either the preliminary or clinical course.

aCCEPTANCE and payment

Reply accepting the offer and complete payment


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